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Total watts of all AMDGPU/NVIDIA rigs. Assuming 50w per rig idle. AMDGPU sampling requires 1.3.1+0 total watts Jul 16 2018 02:22:41 UTC · gpuShack · Support
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Latest Version: 1.3.1 ethOS · API · Ailments · IP Search · IPs · GPU bioses
VethOS version and running miner DGPU Driver Mcurrent running miner Glive GPUs / detected GPUs, hover to get GPU model names namerig name, (R) for 'remote config enabled' and (L) for 'using local config', hover over for more info aailment, condition, event that affects rig, hover over for more info loclocation of rig, check for sample config rig adminrig IP address and admin terminal, IP will be odd color if pool info is different, hover over to see local pool info pelapsed time since rig lasted pinged your stats panel (last reachable) belapsed time since rig booted (rig uptime) melapsed time since miner has started (running miner) rx10 minute average of kbps received by rig (may indicate rig compromise if value is very high and rig port is open) tx10 minute average of kbps send by rig (may indicate rig compromise if value is very high and rig port is open) L5 minute load average (sysload) Ccpu temperature (in C) Ramount of system ram (in gigabytes) Ftotal free space (in gigabytes) Htotal hashrate hasheshashrate per GPU, hover over for more detailed hashrate, and for dualminer hashes (if enabled via ethos config) tempstemperature of GPUs (in C), click on temps to see historical data ptuneFGLRX = powertune, AMDGPU = dpm state, NVIDIA = performance level state, hover to see gpu voltages voltsgpu volts (currently only available for FGLRX and AMDGPU) wattsgpu estimated watts (currently only available for NVIDIA and AMDGPU) fansGPU fan rpms (in K-rpm), click on fan rpms to see historical data, hover to see percents coregpu core clocks (in ghz), hover to get default GPU core clocks memgpu memory clocks (in ghz), hover to get default GPU mem clocks